About Us

The Story Behind The Blanket

10 years ago, a young and adventurous french girl arrived to a small fishing town named Sayulita in Mexico.

Living so close to the sea, she started thinking about ideas for the perfect beach blanket. Inspired on traditional Mexican woven patterns, mostly used for decorating homes and spaces, she thought about experimenting with it, adding a little personal french touch to it, until it became our beach blanket we know today.

The environmental part was as important as the creative side for this project so they decided to work with a local recycled cotton company to create every collection. 

Proudly made in Mexico

I fell in love with these blankets when I first saw them. The colours attracted me initially but also the versatility of the blankets, offering so many practical but stylish uses which, as a busy Mum and someone who loves to enjoy their free time, was a strong draw. 

You can follow me on Instagram @vidadeveranocollection and Facebook. My plan was to pop up at fairs but a certain COVID19 has made me focus more on the website. 

Please give me feedback and keep sending me those pictures of your Vida de Verano purchases - I love seeing them! Thanks for looking and please keep popping with me!

It's been a tough year for everyone but as we push through the next few months let's keep dreaming of the sun and making the most of it even in the darker winter days. Keep popping that Vitamin D and enjoying it when the sun shins through.

Sallie xxx October 2020